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We help ask the right questions and gain actionable, measurable feedback from your team.

Our cultural engagement platform enables you to build and sustain a more engaging, creative and productive working environment.

  • The most successful leaders listen and empower those around them.

    SuperGauge helps you get honest, valuable feedback from your team and then empower them to achieve more.

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Companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenue compared to competitors with low engagement levels.

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How does SuperGauge work?


Engage your team to find out what’s working and what’s missing from your company or project.

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SuperGauge analyses the results and our qualified practioners provide actionable feedback.

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Create a bespoke strategy for empowering your people and teams.

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Implement a sustainable cultural transformation and become a more effective, innovative and profitable organisation

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Understand your people and inspire change

Traditional team building and creativity workshops are pretty dull, which leads to a lack of engagement and no real outcome.

We help ask the right questions and cut to the core of what's going on with your people, so that they can create an environment that works for them.

The benefits of having engaged employees

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